LONDON, Saturday, 9 July 2011: SVG-UK Outreach presented a Vincy Evening of Roots and Culture to heighten awareness and to raise funds for the ‘Sponsor a Vincy School Child programme’.

Carolin de Freitas-Sawh, a member of SVG-UK Outreach, welcomed everyone to the event which was very well attended by Vincentian nationals and friends of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Fine Caribbean cuisine and rum punch were served throughout the evening.

The assembled audience was entertained by a series of Vincentian artists in the UK Diaspora. Internationally acclaimed, flutist Rowland Sutherland created an electric atmosphere with his energetic jazz renditions. Sureya John sang and then in collaboration with her dance troop delighted the audience with a perfectly choreographed routine. The entertainment part of the evening was brought to an exciting climax when seven year old Lewis Cin-You demonstrated his masterful expertise on the keyboard.

Gwynneth Hamilton and Michelle James Co-Chairs of SVG-UK Outreach, outlined the core structure of the ‘Sponsor a Vincy School Child’ programme through an informative PowerPoint presentation. The session involved questions, which were expertly handled by the team.

The programme which aids children from poor families asks sponsors for an annual donation of £60 which is converted into vouchers for assistance towards school uniform, exercise books and other school stationery. The sponsorship is for the duration of the child’s primary and secondary education up to the year of their CXC examination.

In the first year SVG-UK Outreach has sponsored 25 Vincentian children and this event was held to recruit new sponsors.

If you are interested in sponsoring a school child on the programme or making a donation, please feel free to contact Carolin c/o the High Commission for St Vincent and the Grenadines tel: 020 7460 2588 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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