The contract was signed between the International Airport Development Company (IADC) and Taiwanese firm, Overseas Engineering and Construction Company Ltd (OECC). Chairman and CEO of the IADC Dr. Rudolph Matthias and Corporate Secretary Rochelle Forde signed on behalf of the IADC, while, Mr. Peter Chung-Zen signed on behalf of the IADC.

The signing ceremony also heard brief remarks from Dr. Matthias, Mr. Peter Chung-Zen, Taiwanese Ambassador Weber Shih, Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Dr. Douglas Slater and Acting Prime Minister Hon. Girlyn Miguel.

This morning’s signing ceremony saw attendances from several government ministers, senior civil servants including ambassadors based at some of SVG’s overseas missions, members of the IADC staff and the media.

The contract is worth US$26, 500,000.00. It covers construction of the passenger terminal building, electrical substation, internal and external signage, and related preliminaries.


Background on the Terminal Building

During the year 2009, IADC finalized its design objectives for the passenger terminal building and other landside facilities and awarded the contract for the design and supervision to a Taiwanese firm, CECI Engineering Consultants Inc. This design contract is valued at US$3.3 million.

The landside facilities include: the Terminal building, Cargo Terminal building, Signage, Fire and Rescue Station, Control Tower, Roads, Drainage and Parking lot.

The passenger terminal building will have 3 floors, with 12,065 square meters of floor space. This total floor area is more than 3 times the floor area of the terminal building at the E.T. Joshua Airport.

The Argyle terminal building is designed to accommodate 1.4 million passengers per year. This is more than 5 times the number of passengers currently passing through the E. T. Joshua Airport in any one year. The Argyle Airport Terminal Building is therefore sized to accommodate the expected growth in passenger traffic in the medium and long term.

Construction of the passenger terminal building is expected within 28 months and should begin by early August 2011.

Later this year, IADC will enter into contracts with other private firms for the construction of the Fire and Rescue Station, Cargo Terminal Building and Control Tower. However, IADC has decided to do the site works, internal roads, drains and parking areas, using resources already at its disposal.


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